Meet Mateo!

Originally from Tijuana, this petite golden mix went from timid and shy to fully engaging, happy, friendly and active within just a few days in foster care. 

Having had no previous training, Mateo barks at strangers coming to the door and tends to jump up in excitement when greeting them.  He is very affectionate and gets excited easily. Mateo loves his daily walks, but will pull on the leash and lunge forward when he sees a rabbit or squirrel. Thankfully he is small and lightweight, learns quickly and wants to please, so he will be easy to train. Because of his chasing tendencies, he will not be placed in a home with cats. 

Mateo has not shown any interest in balls or toys. He expresses his happiness just being in the company of his people, following them around in true Velcro golden manner. He is very comfortable in his foster home, but can be wary of some men, especially if frightened. He will need some time to get to know and trust his new family. He is responding well to exercises outlined by our trainer. He will need a patient family who is willing to continue with this behavior modification to help Mateo to become comfortable with men and situations that make him frightened. For these reasons, we feel that a patient, adult home would be best for Mateo.

He gets along well with his foster fur siblings, but being more of a “people” dog, he doesn’t play or engage much with them. He has been left in the house alone with his fur siblings for up to 6 hours, but would be happiest with someone who is home most of the time. 

Mateo is housebroken and does well using a dog door when he needs to relieve himself. He has not disturbed his foster family’s belongings. Counter surfing has not been a problem due to his small stature and he doesn’t beg for food at family mealtimes. There have been a couple of short squabbles over dog food at feeding time, but once a routine of feeding them in separate corners of the kitchen was established, this has not been a problem.

If you have had your home visit with one of our volunteers and are willing to work with Mateo to help him overcome his be your next best friend, please contact Sharon at

At 3 years old, the adoption donation for Mateo is $500.

Mateo’s ID # 4918