Meet Marley & Max!

Max and Marley came to us when their previous family up and skipped town and left them in the backyard with a friend. The friend tried to keep them, but their own dog was not having that…so both dogs came into rescue. Max and Marley must be adopted together – they’ve been together since puppies and have exhibited sadness when even separated on walks.

M&M on a walk

Primarily, they are looking for a family who will give them attention and care these two seniors deserve, a large yard for fetch, and continue their socialization with other animals on walks. No other dogs or cats in their home is preferred. Lots of family and friends is great, as both dogs love all people, even the little ones. Both dogs use the doggy door without any issues; and have good house manners now.

Let us tell you a bit about each of them, below.

Max video

Max the GSD is very fit and a high-energy dog. He does not act like most 8 year old dogs in rescue. He has far more energy! He loves to play fetch with his underinflated soccer ball. He is leash reactive to other dogs when on a walk, but is in training with his foster Dad (started on 12/8) It’s important that his family continue to follow the protocol his Foster and Trainer have set up for Max to be calmer and more trusting on walks. He’s good with people -adults and children. Max is smart and has caught on quickly about how he’s expected to behave living “inside”. He’s house trained and well-behaved in the house. Never had an accident and never destroyed anything. Lastly, he’s proven to be super smart and very affectionate.

Marley video

Marley is a typical Golden and kind of a goofball. He sometimes barks a little bit in the house when he hears a noise outside, however, that has subsided since Marley has become more comfortable in his foster home. Marley is lower energy than Max but can run with Max and we were surprised at how fast he could go! Marley (and Max) get walks twice a day and hopefully this will help Marley drop some weight – maybe 10-15 lbs. Marley is also house trained and, aside from tearing apart two stuffed dog toys, has been a good house guest. Marley could benefit from some obedience training too, but all-in-all he’s pretty good. Marley now walks much better on a leash, is also good with people (adults and children). Marley is also better with other dogs in public and sniffed a cat at the vet the other day, with no issues.

If you would consider offering a fur-ever home to Marley and Max, and have completed your “Adoption Application” and had your “In Home Interview,” then please contact their Representative at and let her know how Max and Marley would fit into your home.

Marley’s adoption fee is $350. Max’ adoption fee is also $350. Both dogs are up to date on shots, and healthy.

Max & Marley’s ID# 5252 & 5251