Our wonderful Mr. Maxster –  this beautiful boy is so sweet, playful and loving.  He has a shiny silky coat and, although he likes lots of attention, he can entertain himself for an hour just looking out a window or hanging in the back yard.  He is great in the house and in the yard.  Totally house trained and not destructive at all but,he does enjoy his toys.  Max is a big strong guy and, although his former owner told us that he is almost 10, he looks and acts like a 5 year old.

He rides well in the car and he’s pretty good on leash, too.  This guy is so good.  He even talks to you when he wants to play.  Everyone who visits him in his foster home loves him – not to mention his foster parents who care about him deeply.

Max was mildly fearful of new people when he first came to us.  We have worked successfully with him on that.  Now just some gentle reassurance and once the introductions are over, he’s totally happy, welcoming and cool.  He’s loving and playful.  We are are also working with him to help him to be less apprehensive about other dogs.  He still can get a little stressed when he sees another dog on a walk but, give him a little reassurance and he continues on his walk.  Plus, he gets along just fine with the permanent canine member of his foster home, a 7 year old female Bull Dog.

We think that it would be good for Max to be in a home where someone is at home most of the time and where he can benefit from the knowledge and experience that comes with having had dogs in the past. A suitable canine companion would also be a plus.