Meet Maxximilano!

Maximilliano is an energetic and loving dog who has a second lease on life. He has a dynamic personality and enjoys human company. Max was surrendered by his owner in late July because his owner wasn’t able properly care for him due to medical expenses. He had been limping for a while, and upon arriving at SCGRR, had x-rays and an MRI, which discovered cancer in his shoulder area. He underwent surgery and had his front right leg amputated since the cancer was embedded deeply in the joint. He was recently evaluated by an oncologist and received wonderful news that they believe they were able to remove all of the cancer, and he has an excellent prognosis.
Maximilliano feels as spry as a 5-year-old again. He is so happy that he is pain-free and enjoys making the most of every single day. He is energetic, loves toys, and is extremely fond of walks and going in the water at the nearby park. Duck ponds rock! But he didn’t know what to do with the kiddie pool in his foster home. He loves car rides and is good at getting in and out without much assistance. He is not a fan of vet visits (who would be after all this) so he needs some coaxing to get out of the car when he goes to appointments. He knows how to counter surf, get into the garbage can and eat tomatoes off the vine so he needs some “management” around food and more training in this area. He is still building up his endurance, but being outside is like pure heaven for him. Max will let you know when he needs to rest, and after a minute or so, he is up and ready to continue on his walk. If you have the resources for water therapy and other supportive care, he would do well with that. He also has a propensity for ear issues so a preventative routine of ear car is important for Max’s good health.
Even as a tripawd, he is constantly given praise about his good looks and happy smile from everyone he meets. He would prefer to be in a home with no other dogs, and he is currently living with his foster mom, who has three cats, of which he completely ignores, even when they drink from his water bowl or nibble on his crunchies. He is insecure around other dogs – likely due to his condition and lack of socialization so if he were to have a canine companion, compatibility would be key.
Max loves his routine and enjoys consistency. He often waits until his foster mom gets up before he rises from his bed. He likes to go out to do his business and then it is “meal-time” his favorite part of the day! Max often prefers a small snack midday as he is a big boy and likes a little snack (who doesn’t!). He enjoys a nice leisurely nap in the morning and afternoon, but will always rise to the occasion to go out in the backyard to get some good play time in or go for a walk. He is a Velcro dog, and is a wonderful companion, who is always great company.
He is a big boy, and is so happy to be outside, he does get easily excited. He pulls hard on a leash and is a bit leash reactive but redirects well. He will need a strong handler and work on training and socialization. Max has a history of resource guarding food when he doesn’t feel well so a quiet home with only a few dog-savvy people to love and trust – no children – would be best.
Maximilliano has a crate, but hasn’t used it since his surgery. He loves stretching out and sleeping on his dog bed and you can occasionally hear him lightly snoring after a busy day of play.
Max would benefit from a quiet home with no stairs and a yard with an owner who enjoys getting out on shorter walks regularly. If you are able to commit to daily exercise, work on his commands with positive reinforcement, and to continue with his training, you would be a wonderful candidate for this amazing Golden.
If you are ready to give this sweet tripawd all the care and energy he deserves, please contact his friend Lori at and tell her about how he will spend his days with you. You MUST have completed your application and home visit. Max is currently residing in Costa Mesa. 
As a 9 year old, the minimum adoption donation for Max is $350
Max’s ID# 5481