Max had bounced around a bit with changes in his family so they reached out to SCGRR for help.  Apparently He had been limping for a while, something more than a sprain, or rest and pain meds could take care of and they knew he needed more than they could give.  

X-rays confirmed something in his shoulder but more extensive diagnostics were needed.  MRI results showed a mass with tentacles that were intertwined in the shoulder joint.  It would be impossible to remove the mass alone with clear margins so our orthopedic vet recommended amputation at the shoulder.

Max pulled through surgery like a champ. Pathology reports histiocytic sarcoma and synovial cell sarcoma; both very aggressive but localized.  With clear margins and no sign of cancer in the adjacent lymph node or lungs, we expect Max to live a long, happy life. We will do a quick review with an oncologist just to be sure no further support is needed. 


Max has a ton of energy an eight year old pup. He so wants to get back out in the world but slow, baby steps are still needed.  It’s not an easy recovery but his loving foster mom and a community of helpers is making sure he does it right.   Laying in the front yard for the first time was pure heaven.  And this morning, he somehow got himself up into a raised planter and was digging for bok choy! 

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