Abel – Adopted!

Hi, my name is Abel, but my foster mom calls me Little Bit, maybe because of my smaller size.

A happy, handsome fella I am, with a great personality and easy going nature. No one knows my age for sure, but I still have quite a bit of puppy left in me. I love, love, love people and am only the slightest bit insistent when I want attention. Ok, maybe a little more than that. Actually I often will just full on jump onto you and bury my head into your lap, but I really just can’t help myself. I am so excited and happy to be with you!

I also love daily walks and show my enthusiasm by doing pirouettes while my foster mom struggles to put the leash on. But I am not always bouncy. I sleep well through the night and I’m a real pro at taking naps throughout the day, usually falling asleep with a ball in my mouth. I am pretty well behaved for the most part, leaving my foster mom’s belongings intact, taking food gently when it’s offered to me and greeting everyone who comes to the door with a smile and a wag.

I get along well with my foster brother, but I would be just as happy as an only dog, too. Although somewhat submissive, I will growl at dogs who growl at me. And I chase cats, so a home without them is best. I try very hard to learn the rules of the house and I respond well to gentle correction. Loud people and loud sounds scare me.

I am potty trained, know the doggy door, and I don’t bark much. I would very much like to be with someone who is home most of the time, who is patient and kind. Someone who will provide me with balls and toys so I can have something to keep my busy mouth occupied. I may be small, but don’t worry, I’ll be sure and give you every Little Bit as much joy as any dog could give.