Aidan – Adopted!

This big boy has taken up a special place in my heart. Brought in to a veterinarian by his owner, who was requesting he be euthanized, he was badly neglected.

With over 100 foxtails covering his body (requiring he be shaved down) many embedded in his ears and his abdomen, where he had an oozing abscess, ear infection, eye infection, flea ridden, horrible teeth-despite all this, his tail never stopped wagging. The vet asked the reason, and he said he had no time for him. She talked him in to relinquishing to her., which he did, and she called us

Aidan is the sweetest, gentlest boy you would ever hope to meet. He required some major maintenance when he came in, and underwent a difficult neuter requiring a hospital stay- this poor guy has been through so much now. He is happily living with a two y/o female golden, who is helping show him some of the good things in life, of which he as not seen much. He is potty trained, has great house manners, and shows no sign of any separation anxiety. He walks well on his leash, and is building up his stamina, going from only a very short walk initially, to almost 2 miles daily now-he loves to be out and about. He meets all new people and dogs very politely, and is particularly gentle with the small ones. Loves to ride in the car, although he needs a little boost getting in to a truck or SUV. Loves to eat, and will get pretty spunky at meal times, grabbing the closest stuffed toy and parading excitedly around with it in his mouth. He also loves to sleep, and is a formidable snorer when he is in a deep one. He had his first trip to the beach, and loved walking in the surf, but was a little leery of the waves after he was knocked down.

Aidan’s activity level is fairly sedate, and he does not require an excessive amount of exercise, as his daily walks are adequate for him. Like your typical golden, he is affectionate and loving, and loves being a part of your everyday life. He is called “the Lion King” in the neighborhood, and everyone who meets him falls in love with his gentle nature and his sweet demeanor, despite everything he has been through. His nature is so easygoing that he would fit in well in any number of homes. He would be okay as an only dog, or with another laid back canine for companionship. He would be fine with older kids, and we are pretty sure he would be ok with cats, too.

Aidan’s ID: 4543