If you are an extremely active family, I am who you’re looking for!

I am very playful, friendly, and loving, but most of all I am super-active and I don’t stop going until it’s bed time! I want to go to dog parks, for long walks, a short jog, hiking, camping, anything that involves being active. If you give me a toy, I’ll play with it for a few moments until I see another toy and want to play with that! I enjoy chasing tennis balls and frisbees, belly rubs, being with my people and rolling in mud puddles – they’re the best if you’re me or a hippo!

I am house trained and have had no accidents at my foster home, and while I will leave your stuff alone I destroy stuffed toys so they won’t be the best choice for me. I know some commands like sit, wait, watch me, wrong, off, lay down, down. I’m super smart so I can learn more. I pull on a leash so you’ll need to train me with that.

I love water so I might be a swimmer, but it’s too cold right now to tell for sure. I love kids, but because I am very active I’d be better with those over 7 years of age so they don’t end up as skittles at the bowling alley with me as the ball!

I love to go for car rides – every new place is fun. I enjoy all the new dogs and people I meet – strangers are just friends I have not yet met!

I’d like to lay on the bed with you at night or by the side on my own bed. I live with cats and I am obsessed with them right now but I’ve shown no aggression with them. I’ll counter surf, especially so if a cat is on it.

I can be left alone for up to 6-8 hours, but I’ll be anxious when you first leave and when you get home it will be like I thought you had left forever and were never coming back!!

I am possessive of my dinner and I will growl if another dog comes toward it. You can take my food away and I won’t react at all, but not another dog. I also growl when I’m playing although it’s not aggressive; it’s just how I talk.

I live with a wonderful foster brother who plays lots with me but he is super submissive and allows me to be alpha dog so that is what would work best for me if there is another dog in your home.

Because I inhale my dinner I need to be fed in increments so as not to get bloat. I am fine with treats and don’t growl over those. My favourites are bananas, apples and frozen broccoli.