Alis – Adopted!

Meet Alis (Alice), a sweet golden mix who was rescued from a local shelter. A bit on the timid side, she is learning what it’s like to be loved and cared for, and her confidence is building every day.

She loves her daily walks! She has a keen eye and pulls on the leash at the sight of a squirrel or rabbit, but responds well to gentle correction. After a week of growling at her canine foster brother, she has learned to tolerate him, but would likely be happier as an only dog, with her humans all to herself.

She is a medium energy dog, ready to run an errand with you at a moment’s notice, but also happy to lounge around too, always with a ball or toy nearby. She is frightened of getting in cars, but with patience and training, she can overcome this fear.

Alice is not food aggressive and will take treats very gently from your hand. She also has good house manners and will not bother your belongings, as long as she has her chew toys. Although she has not been child tested, she has a calm demeanor, does not bark too much and has not jumped on anyone.