Amaya! – Adopted

Amaya is a one-year old who came to SCGGR when her family could no longer care for her due to a divorce. She spent her first year living with a little boy and other dogs, and she seems to love having the companionship of both other dogs and kids. She is an extraordinarily happy, loving, energetic puppy who loves to play, play, play…and then play some more. She will happily play all day long with her four-legged foster sisters and her two-legged foster brothers. She loves to play with any toys (any toys with squeakers are a bonus)…but balls are her absolute favorite. She loves tennis balls, soccer balls, basketballs…pretty much anything, and if it rolls or bounces, she wants to chase/pounce on it. She also enjoys a good game of fetch and she will chase and retrieve a ball as many times as her people are willing to throw it (although she has not totally mastered immediately dropping the ball so it can be thrown again). She has a cute, excited whine/cry when she is having fun playing. After some quality play time, Amaya will settle in for a nap…but she is always ready to hop back up to play at a moment’s notice.

Amaya is a velcro golden, who wants to always be with her humans, wherever they are. She is very, very affectionate and loving, and she enjoys snuggling and sleeping in direct contact with her people… and giving lots and lots and lots of kisses. As a result, Amaya often hops on the furniture (beds, sofas, etc) in order to be in closest possible proximity with her humans. She sleeps happily on a dog bed a night next to her foster parents, although she does manage to sneak into their bed about once per week. She also adores her four-legged foster sisters (and gives them lots of kisses as well), and she definitely looks to them for companionship, confidence and play.

Amaya is fully potty trained and has not had a single accident in her foster home. She has not been crated in the home while her foster family is away, and she seems to be trustworthy in the house, at least for moderate periods of time. She does seem to have some anxiety when her foster family leaves the house, but she has not been destructive and she does not bark while her family is gone. She is the happiest girl in the world when her people are home, and she jumps, spins, and sometimes barks in her exuberance when her family returns from being gone.

Amaya does well on a leash and she truly enjoys going on walks and on runs (she easily runs 3-4 miles on hilly trails). She seems to be a great running partner, as she naturally keeps pace with her human partner and she is not easily distracted or startled by dogs or other creatures. If you are a runner, wanting to train for a 5K, 10K or half-marathon, Amaya may be your girl.

Amaya is definitely still a puppy, full of love and energy. She generally understands the difference between dog toys and human possessions, but she has been known to steal/chew up a stinky boy sock or two. Amaya is a girl who loves her food and she does sometimes beg or try to sneak a bit of human food from a counter or dining table, but she is very quickly learning that is frowned upon.

Amaya can be a bit shy and a little protective of her family when new people or dogs come around, but she warms up once she sees that all is okay. She looks to her humans and her dog siblings for social cues. Amaya would love a very active family where her people are with her most of the time to take her on walks/runs/hikes, play with her, and go on fun adventures. Amaya would like to have another confident, playful dog in the home to show her the ropes and to run and roughhouse with her. Ideally, she would also enjoy a family with older children who would like to play and snuggle with her. Because she is still a puppy, Amaya can be a bit “mouthy,” jumpy, and generally exuberant in her play. She is always good natured, but because some of these puppy traits, she would do best in a home with older kids and with pups who also like to play a lot. Amaya would benefit from family who is experienced with dogs, who are willing and able to continue to work with her on her training and building her confidence.

Amaya is an absolute love bug, and with love, stability, exercise and continued training she will continue to blossom.

If you have already submitted your on line application AND also had your in home interview, and feel you could give Amaya a great home with everything she is looking for, please contact her rep at

At 1 year old, the minimum adoption fee for Amaya is $600.

Amaya’s ID is: 4657