Meet Annie Warbucks aka Izzy and her new Family!

This lovely redhead is Izzy. We think she is 4 or 5 years old. She is a velco girl, meaning she wants to follow her humans around and be at their sides at all times.

Izzy likes to play and has plenty of energy.
Izzy is a little overweight right now and is looking for someone to walk her regularly to help burn off both pounds and energy. She pulls some on her leash, but this can be greatly helped by a device like the gentle leader (she comes with her own).

Izzy is a good girl in the house- she respects her foster dad’s possessions (even the cat). She barked at the cat when she first arrived at her foster’s home, but they are friends now. Izzy likes children and other dogs, though she may be a bit overwhelming if the personality of either of those is very timid.

Annie Warbucks aka Izzy found her new forever home!