Meet Anthem. Anthem is a sweet, silly and friendly 70 lb baby who craves being the center of attention. He came into rescue with a buddy Manny whom we thought he was bonded – but it turned out not to be the case.

Anthem is a velcro dog who doesn’t like being very far from his peeps. When he is left at home, he will wait by the front door for you to return, and hug you while vocalizing his joy at having you back home, even if you’ve only been gone 15 minutes. While he will bark at strange noises, or upon being startled , he does not continue for long. He is good with other dogs, large and small, and while we haven’t seen him around cats, he is laid back enough that that probably wouldn’t be an issue.

He is fully housebroken, shares his toys and treats, and likes car rides. One of his favorite things are his walks, and his favorite toys are stuffed animals.

He can show some initial shyness when meeting new people, but only briefly, then wants to be your best friend. He loves being pet, anywhere and often, and likes to sleep with his foster parents, near, or preferably on, their bed. He is a total love bug, and will make a great addition to a golden loving family. He likes kids but being a bigger boy we will only consider families with kids over 6.