Meet Ariel and her new Family!

Ariel is a sweet girl and going to be 6 months old soon.

She is going to be a fairly big girl as she is already 40 pounds. She is a sweet fun-loving golden who has a large play drive so she will need a big yard and someone to play with. She is good with other dogs, cats and children who are puppy savvy!

She is learning not to jump or use he month to say hello but knows how to sit, stay, down, no (unless distracted like all babies) and walks great on a leash. She has been to puppy kindergarten and passed! Although like with all small “children” she can ignore you with the greatest of ease.

She will be a talker as she loves to be verbal with you, even a bit sassy sometimes but that just shows she is going to have a great golden personality! She rides in the car well but wants to be in the front seat. She is learning to wear a restraint in the back and is doing quite well.

This girl is smart and needs a puppy savvy family to help her be the best golden she can.

Ariel found her new forever home!