Meet Atlas, a 2-3 year old boy with a wonderful Golden personality. We cannot understand how this beautiful guy ended up in a shelter. He has a gorgeous red coat, only marred by the fact that his skin is pretty dry and he has some scabs from some prior flea and tick bites. Now that he is on high quality food, had a good bath, and flea/tick treatment he is feeling much better.

Atlas is a very people-oriented dog, and is coming out of his shell. He was very shy when he first came into rescue, and sudden and overly enthusiastic approaches can still make him nervous. Once he gets to know you, he just wants to be where you are. He is also a bit tentative when meeting new dogs. He does very well with calm and socialized canine companions, but care will need to be taken to ensure his success in meeting new friends. He has been good with the older children he has met, but has not been tested around toddlers. He has not been tested with cats.

Atlas doesn’t really understand the concept of loose leash walking, and his foster family is working on that with the help of a Gentle Leader. He enjoys his daily walks and play. He does get the idea of sit, kind of down, and sort of not jumping. In short, Atlas will need a family with time for training to ensure his success. He is getting the idea of treats, so that will help with training. Atlas does like toys and chewing, and has good house manners. He is getting the idea of retrieving, in theory, if not always in practice! His perfect family will get him lots of exercise, encouragement, training and love.

This is a wonderful dog who will be an exceptional companion given the guidance and love he needs. If you have had your in home interview and would like to learn more about Atlas, please contact Nancy at