Atticus – Adopted!

Our Miracle Boy is Looking for his furever home!

Atticus came to us at 9 weeks old. He received major trauma to his head. He is blind in his right eye (at risk for secondary glaucoma, eye will need to be removed if that happens.)

His left nasal passage was crushed (Atticus lived away from anything that may cause injury for 6 months until his skull developed to full extent and crushed bones mended.) He does have an airway through that nasal passage so Vet recommend no surgery.

The Cribiform plate, protecting the brain from the nasal passage, is bent. If he gets any type of infection in the nasal passage it should be considered an emergency situation. We know this sounds a little scary but other then the above, which Atti doesn’t even realize, he is a healthy, happy go lucky puppy!

He loves his fur brothers and sisters, has lived with cats and loves children! Swimming is fun and he loves riding in the car and looking out the back window. He is housebroken, crate trained, does pretty well on his commands and is a total and complete lovebug. A cuddler to the MAX!

A copy of the vets findings is available if you wish to see it. His complete story is available, along with his life for the last 10 months on his Facebook page which you can find by pressing here! The 1680 friends he has would like his new family to keep them updated, so the FB page will be turned over to the family.