Audrey – Adopted!

  Audrey hails from Turkey, where she found as a stray, looking for food in some garbage bins at a strip mall. She came to us at the end of April, with another beautiful flat-coated retriever named Demir. Both are now looking for there forever homes.
Audrey is a total love. She has good house manners, and has never wreaked any horrible damage in the home( well, okay, other than chewing on the edges of pillows, and the occasional nibble on the coffee table leg.) She is crate trained but has never been created at her foster home, where she is left alone during the day with her foster fur sibling while her mom works. She loves her walks, and her foster mom says she is pretty good on a leash. She is very social, loves to meet people and other dogs, tail always wagging. Although she has barked at the cats she has seen when out on walks, she is said to be good with them as well. Like her American counterparts, she loves her tennis balls, and it is unusual to see her without one.
Audrey is still very young, probably not much more than 2, if that. She has a very nice combination of nice and mellow indoors, happy to just chill with you and being loved on, and her foster mom remarks on how calm she always is. While she can be independent, she loves to be close as well. Outside, though, she is eager and inquisitive-everything is so new to her. She is kind of goofy, and so grateful for everything that comes her way. She is an incredibly sweet, well balanced golden girl, despite what she has been through in her short life, and will make a great addition to any number of families.