Axel – adopted

Axel (aka Jack, his real name) came to us from South Korea at the start of the Winter Olympic Games. He’s just about 1 yr old (based on his teeth) and all things in a modern American life are new to this guy. This includes living in the house, collars, leash walking, riding in cars, the language, and sharing food.He has a gorgeous blonde coat and the fluffiest tail you’ve ever seen.

Lucky Jack was pulled from the meat market. Funny that he was food aggressive at dinner time with his little foster brother – such a dichotomy. He is doing much better now and they can eat in the same room without Jack gobbling down everyone else’s food.

Axel deeply wants to please his humans and be near them most times (especially at night to sleep next to). If they’re not around, then he wants his fur-buddy.  Jack LOVES other dogs and would really like to have another very playful, larger and energetic pup to show him the way.  His foster brother is older and little, and he does well with him. But Jack really likes to play, and an older, smaller dog gets a bit “bowled over” by his exuberance. 

Jack learned so much from his foster brother:  where to go potty, and where to dig for critters in the pasture, where to sleep, how to pull on a leash…well now he’s walking well with a halter.

We’d really like him to have a large yard, a social family who will take him lots of places for fun and socializing, patience when he gets scared of the new things he sees, and continue with his basic manners training. 

Axel is negative for heart worm and is on a monthly preventative. He is neutered, chipped, fairly well trained by his foster family, and ready to be adopted. Axel’s adoption fee is $1500 (to help towards transport and vetting from S. Korea) If your family can provide what Axel is looking for, please inquire to his rep,


Axel’s adoption fee is $1,500