Meet Zumba and his new Family!

Zumba is a handsome, affectionate, playful guy the quintessential Golden! Everyone he meets falls in love with him! He is potty-trained, has good house manners, and has been leaving his foster’s belonging intact.

It does not look like Zumba has had any formal training, but he seems eager to please. He can pull on the leash, but sometimes walks like a perfect gentleman. He takes treats gently out of your hand. Zumba does get along with other dogs. He may pull toward them and bark, but only because he is excited to meet them. Zumba is good with children 7 and over.

Zumba would not like to be left alone for very long. Zumba is a “velcro” dog that loves to be with his humans. Zumba would like to be taken on wonderful walks and hikes, and have a nice yard to run around in. Then he has his calm side when he would love to cuddle and hang out.

Zumba just found his new forever family