Meet Babe Ruth and his new Family!

This MVP (Most Vivacious Pooch) is a one year old playful pup who came to us when his family moved. He is your typical, free-spirited golden but still exhibits a lot of puppy behaviors. Babe Ruth, a.k.a. Buddy, is still in the ‘I have discovered this shoe and it is mine’ phase but so far the casualties in foster care have been limited to a sandal, a couple sofa pillows, and a blanket. Although a bit mouthy, Buddy has a lovely temperament and is very well mannered. He responds well to gentle correction and is very smart. Buddy is housebroken, knows a few commands, and has decent leash manners. A little one-on-one will be helpful as now he walks with a group of goldens and just goes with the flow. Buddy is very tall for his age and lean (his perfect weight), all legs and probably still growing. He is great with kids, very sweet and gentle, and would love a home with another playful pooch as he has lived with another pup most of his life. Buddy loves to share his bed at night with his brother and is always one in the gang of goldens romping around the outfield.

Babe Ruth found his new forever home!