Meet Babi!

Meet Babi, an energetic, playful pup who came all the way from China where he was rescued from a restaurant. His foster family calls him Lucky, as he is one lucky pup, loving life in America. He greets everyone with a smile and tail wag.
This little diamond in the rough needs a family who can give him lots of exercise, love and training. It’s likely he received no training or structure in his previous life. He knows what “no” means and corrects his behavior when told no or when his name is called. He pulls surprisingly strongly on the leash given his size, so his new family will want to work with him on this. He is learning some basic commands like sit and stay. He listens, and will come to you when you say his name or whistle. He does have some resource guarding with his food and will bark with his foster brother eats, so meal times should be supervised. He knows how to use doggy door very well and is housebroken. He has found his bark and lets you know when he wants to play or is hungry.
His aggressive play with other dogs can lead to play bite and he does not fully understand “share”, so a canine sibling must be able to withstand rough play. He does like to play a good game of chase! Babi is great with kids and does not jump much, but will chase and nip when the kids run while playing – so we think he would do better with older children. He does love to cuddle now and is very open to affection from everyone!
Babi is not destructive in the home, but loves to have toys around all the time and company. He needs a large yard to run around in. He likes to spend his days basking in the sun in his foster family backyard, running laps around the perimeter of the yard and stealing baseballs!
Babi is not a huge fan of the car, and has gotten car sick several times when riding in the car, so some medication might be recommended before taking him in the car.
If you are an active family who will be committed to providing Babi with lots of exercise and training so he can reach his full potential, email his rep, Sharon at and let her know why he should be your newest family member.
 As a young international golden, the minimum adoption donation for Babi is $1,500 to help cover the costs of transport to the United States.
Babi’s ID # 5058