Bailee and Estella – Adopted!

Stella and Bailey are a fantastic pair. They have been raised together since they were puppies and have not spent a moment apart. They both enjoy going on walks and respond easily to you while on the leash, though can still use improvement on the leash. They are housebroken, but are both known to get into food if left on the counter or table, and might find a small children’s toy to chew on if given the chance. They happily and excitedly greet guests, but do tend to jump up to show their affection. Both dogs could spend hours snuggling up close to you or being pet, they definitely need a family that is able and willing to spend time with them indoors and outdoors on a daily basis. They have a lot of energy and would greatly benefit from daily walks and ball throwing. Both dogs are great with kids, young and old. Stella and Bailey know how to sit on command. They are a really fun and sweet pair of dogs that need to be adopted together.