Meet Bailey!

Meet 8-month-old Bailey! He came to our rescue from another local rescue as an owner turn in. Looking at his precious pictures makes it hard to remember he came from resting in trash bags outside, sadly.

This huge personality, petite cutie is as sweet, playful and youthful as he is adorable! He is very sweet and gentle and loves people and loves being loved right back! There’s nothing he likes more than plenty of petting and rubbing and just being close to his human. He is very affectionate and, as most pups do, he uses his mouth (licking and some light nipping) as a display of affection. Bailey is very gentle and takes treats, food and toys gently from you. He has some fear of new people in the dark out for walks, but not during the day, and some skittishness with sudden or unexpected noises.

Bailey, being a young boy, is very active, very playful and loves squeaky toys, balls and retrieving. He loves to run, jump and retrieve toys. He will play with humans and will bring the toys back to have his human throw it again and again. He adds a bit of extra energy to the game by jumping and flinging his toys on his own. He has a ton of personality and is a very funny and enjoyable pup. Not surprising, he is medium to high energy. He naps and rests well but is always ready to play and springs up when he gets excited. He paces around the house at times looking for something to do or just being restless until he can play again.

He loves his walks and gets excited when the leash is brought out for him. He is a fast walker and does pull on his leash a bit but is learning quickly on how to walk easier.

Bailey is very excited in the morning when his family wakes up or after they come home. At this time, it takes him a while to calm down after being active.

There has been no aggression detected with people or animals. He did play with a couple of other dogs and growled a bit when they got close to his toys but didn’t progress from there. We feel he is more passive and will roll over easily and wants to submit.

He is social, attached to and LOVES his humans as his foster mom’s friend tried to hold his leash while they were walking and Bailey made it clear he wanted his momma to hold the leash since he had just met her. He loves her teenage son, but still wants to be able to see his momma nearby. He is definitely a human-centered dog. He wants to be close to his people almost all the time, as typical Velcro goldens do but sometimes goes off and lays by himself somewhere else. At this time, he does not like to be left alone in the house or outside and doesn’t like to sleep in a room alone.

Bailey eats generally well, doesn’t beg but sniffs food from a distance once in a while but generally isn’t affected by humans eating around him, nor does he counter surf or counter sniff.

He is house trained, does well in cars and enjoys the car ride (a seat belt/harness would be best for this cutie as he might like to ride in your lap!) He currently sleeps in his crate and does very well as long as a human is in the same room. Outside of the crate, he’s roams around a bit during the night and is more restless. He seems to understand the concept of bed time.

He doesn’t know commands currently but is very smart and would learn tricks and commands easily so training is highly recommended. He barks a bit when being left alone but doesn’t normally bark.

He enjoys being outside but only if his human is out with him. Otherwise, he’s very happy to come back in his house, which he LOVES!

For Bailey’s forever home, we feel he would do well in an active home with a family willing to keep this boy as active as he wishes, which we feel the more activity for him, the happier and more content he will be. He requires lots of attention so that must be considered and one with a home with older kids would be better because of his mouthiness. Since he enjoys human companionship, we are asking for someone home with him for most of the day and hopefully a furry friend to play with.

Bailey’s minimum adoption fee is $600.

Bailey’s ID # 4570

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