Bailey is a big bear of a boy, weighing in at about 70 lbs at only 16 months old. He was an outdoor dog most of his life but really became an outdoor dog when his family lost their home and he was left “home alone” in the backyard. Some kind neighbors took him in, fed him and cared for him, and contacted the rescue to place.

He is a huge lovebug, he will come and nudge your hand repeatedly to get some affection  and will try and crawl into your lap if you let him. He gets along great with kids and other dogs, and loves rough housing with his foster brother. However, he does not like cats at all, so no felines for this boy.

Despite his age, he is quite mellow and laid back after he has had his fill of play-he is not all puppy energy all the time. He learns quickly, knows some basic commands, walks reasonably well on a leash but still has much to learn. Therefore, continued training would be of great benefit to both him and his adoptive family especially due his size and strength. He would do well in a home with another dog and a human around much of the time