Baja – Adopted!

Meet Baja. Baja is a beautiful just turned 5 year old boy who has had way too many homes for any dog, yet despite that, has maintained a wonderful, loving, and gentle demeanor and personality. How and why he was given from one person to another is a mystery, because this is one of the nicest dogs you would ever want to meet.

He appears to have had some training, as he know his basic commands, and seems eager to learn more, as he is very smart and anxious to please. He has excellent house manners, walks well on a leash, and is playful, friendly, and very loving. He meets other dogs, large and small, very well, wanting only to play. He is not a barker, nor does he dig. He does like to chase birds, but has been quite interested in those kitties that he has met, so felines remain a question mark, at this point.

Baja has been living with two kids, ages 9 and 11, and he is wonderful with both them and their friends who come over. He has no separation anxiety, and can be left alone at home for a few hours with no destructive tendencies, He is not possessive of either his toys nor his food, and allows you to take anything at all from him, nor does he react to loud noises or surprises. He also loves car rides, and his walks, and loves to tear around the perimeter of the park near his home at full speed, always coming back as soon as you call for him. He loves to play fetch, and he does love his tennis balls.

Baja’s foster parents report that Baja likes to start the night off in their bed with them, head on their chest or on their feet, and eventually make his way to the floor as the night progresses.

Baja is a really great dog, with a total velcro golden personality, liking to be with his people all the time. He appears to have no bad habits of any kind that we have discovered as of yet, and he will make an absolutely awesome addition to a loving family.