Meet Barkley! Adopted

Meet Barkley, our sweet, handsome, fun loving, energetic boy! He came in very, very thin at 54 lbs, as can be evidenced from some of the pics included, but now on a healthful diet, he is up to 61 lbs, with a few more to gain. He was given to a coworker at around a year of age, who 10 months later could not keep him, and now finds himself again in search of a permanent home. This time we are going o make sure it is done right.

They don’t come much happier than our beautiful boy! He loves his people and has deeply bonded with his foster brother, and there is nothing he likes more than spending most of his day playing with him. He loves his toys and tennis balls too, and shares them happily with Chance. He has a ton of energy, energy he definitely needs expended, and he has never been known to turn down a walk. Hikes and dog parks are right up his alley, too. And if he meets another dog that is interested in playing on any of those, he will not turn that down either-did we mention how much he loves to play?

Barkley is a very strong boy as well. He’s tall, long, and lean, and he can jump…high!! Almost like a kangaroo, he is so fun to watch when he gets in this exuberant mood and sometimes, he even adds a twirl to this action-he would likely be great at agility. He does this mostly when he knows you are going out or going in the car, did we mention how much he loves a car ride!? A caveat-he is not always poetry in motion when he does his calisthenics, and although very cute to watch, with his strength, it can hurt if he bumps you in a tender area, ie your face, if he hits you on the way up or down, LOL. So maybe not very little ones in his new home.

Although he is an energetic young man, he sure does love to be loved on and lay with you once he has settled down. Lots of belly rubs are his favorites! He even likes to be brushed and didn’t mind the water when we gave him a bath.

Barkley is a very smart boy, and a very good boy, and with continued on going training to get his rough edges off, we think he will be a totally amazing boy. He is pretty good on a leash, knows some basic commands and is mostly completely potty trained-he knows where he is supposed to do his business, but when he gets excited or nervous, he may tinkle a bit inside.

Barkley would absolutely love a young k9 pal around to play with-he would really love a friend, especially one that will play-did we mention how much he loves to play? As mentioned earlier, we don’t know if young kids would be good for him only because of his size and strength, not because he would not love on little ones. Barkley has also lived with cats.

If you would like to adopt this sweet guy and make him a part of your family, please contact his rep at Please ensure that both your on line application has already been submitted, and your home interview completed prior to contacting his rep.

At 2 years of age, the minimum donation for Barkley is $500.

Barkley’s ID # 4950