Beans – adopted!

Meet beautiful 7 year old Beans! Beans came into our rescue from a family moving out of state and couldn’t take her with them. Also, because of her larger size, they feared a medical issue that they couldn’t afford to treat nor diagnose. Of course, we happily took this love bug in and ran every possible test to ensure her larger size was not due to any health concern or thyroid issue. We were thrilled to learn that she is as “fit as a fiddle”, other than being an excessive 40 lbs overweight. She is on her way to a healthier self, thanks to her loving fosters making sure she is responsibly active and eats healthier.

Beans is very sweet, loving, affectionate and gentle-natured. She is a bit nervous, fearful and skittish of doing anything new. At this time, she is not active, but getting much better and gaining more stamina. She is learning how to be playful but is currently low energy. She is not an aggressive girl, but she didn’t particularly care for a puppy who got near her once while in foster care. She is passive, loyal and loves her humans very much. She is very social with people and very much Velcro, wanting to be near them always. She also does well with cats.

Beans is just learning to play with stuffed animals, balls and toys. You can take toys easily from her. She enjoys her walks and does well in short increments of 20 minutes several times a day and walks well and doesn’t pull. She also loves to be brushed!

Beans obviously eats well but doesn’t beg, counter surf or counter sniff, but currently wants her foster mom nearby while eating. She will take food very gently from your hands, is housetrained and does well in cars. She sleeps in her human’s bedroom and knows some commands. She seldom barks and only if another dog barks or she sees a stranger. Beans likes being outside, but only if her humans are with her. She does well left alone inside, but prefers to have her humans home for most of the day with her.

For Beans’ forever home, we are looking for a home where someone is home with her for much of the day in order to keep her active and continue with her weight loss for her health. She is currently getting at least 4 short walks throughout the day and this must continue. She is going to also need someone with strength to pick her up to get her into the car to travel and go to the vet for the time being. She loves people of all ages and just adores human companionship. Since she has not shown much appreciation for younger, more playful dogs, we are looking for a home without dogs or one with similar stamina.

If you have completed an adoption application with our rescue and have had your in-home interview, please write to and let us know how Beans would fit into your world.

Beans’ ID #4445