Beckett – Adopted!

Hello, I’m Beckett, a smaller European Lab and Golden mix, with a milk-chocolate shedless coat. I was hit by a car, and the nice people at the Long Beach Shelter took me in and vetted me. Then, my great luck, another generous human noticed me and notified SCGRRescue. Thank goodness they took me in, and now I am all better and looking for a family to love on.

I have wonderful house manners (no potty accidents inside, and I don’t eat the human’s belongings)  I prefer to cuddle next to you when you are home with my head on your lap. I prefer you accompany me outside when I have to potty (I’ll let you know by scratching at the door). I won’t take up the whole bed if you let me sleep with you…promise.   I really like car rides, or just let me hang out in the backseat….I’m happy even if the car isn’t going anywhere.

I love to go for walks, and have good leash manners. Except, if another dog comes by, I bark and jump. I just can’t figure out if they’re nice…or I have to protect my foster mom. So I will need some help learning not to bark at other dogs. I’ve started learning “leave it”, “sit” and “stay”. I got in trouble for trying to eat a casserole before it was cooked…I have not done that again! Sorry!   I’m really smart so I can learn a lot. I am a hard worker and very strong. My new family should be experienced, so they can take advantage of all I have to offer in a smart, well-mannered, strong and energetic young dog.  However, no children under 13, as I come from the Shelter and I am a bit afraid of loud, little things (this includes vacuums and hair dryers).