Meet Berry! Adopted!

Berry is a quiet, reserved and gentle girl, who was very subdued upon arrival here almost a month ago after being rescued from the meat farms of China, but not before producing quite a few litters, as was evident from her condition. She was extremely thin, at 53 lbs, and although happy to go on her walks, did not have enough stamina or strength to go very far. Lots of good food and love later, including a 10 lb weight gain, and Berry is beginning to discover some of the normal, every day things that dogs do and love.

Now getting comfortable, her playful side is beginning to emerge. She is starting to enjoy toys and games with her foster fur siblings, like tug of war and chasing tennis balls, although she is not very skilled at that game yet. Unexpected loud noises will scare her sometimes, including loud sounds from the television. She now loves her walks, can go much longer and further than she did before, and even though she did not have very much practice, doesn’t pull too much on a leash. She is still on the thin side and needs to put on a few pounds, but she does enjoy her food, so that shouldn’t be too hard(she quickly learned counter surfing, and with her very big, and very adorable feet, she has a pretty impressive range)! She was not potty trained when she arrived, her foster mom continues to work with her on that, and though mostly potty trained now, she still has occasional accidents inside the house even when she has access to the backyard. When left alone she doesn’t bark or get destructive but will sleep by the front door until someone comes home. Initially, Berry got carsick each time she got in the car, but she now rides well with the window cracked enough to get some fresh air.

Berry is extremely affectionate, and loves to be pet and loved on. She is very generous with toys and treats and shares all happily. She is still very young, not much removed from a puppy herself, and certainly only now getting to enjoy and experience all the things she should have as a puppy. She really wants to bond with her human, so would do best in a home where someone is around a lot. Berry does great around children of all ages and likes other dogs as well. She probably would do best with another low-key dog in the home as company-she does enjoy both the championship and the roughhousing and play that another gentle canine will bring. We do not know how she might be with felines, but properly introduced, due to her gentle nature, she should be fine. She needs a human/humans who will be patient with her and give her time to get comfortable and to adjust to her new life and lavish her with love and attention. She is sure to give much back in return.

If you think you are the correct human for her, and you have filled out an application and had you In Home Interview, please email her rep at

Berry’s ID is 4688 and her fee is $1500 due to being an international pup, but is so worth it.