Meet Bettina and her new Family!

Meet Bettina: a most loving and affectionate, “Velcro” dog. Bettina really enjoys being with humans and follows her foster mom all over the house. She thumps her tail on the floor when she sees you, she gets so happy.

Bettina is potty-trained and has been leaving everything in the home intact, including her soft toys. Bettina knows “come,” “shake,” and “sit.” She can pull on the leash sometimes, but is mostly quite responsive.

Bettina is a good eater. She could stand to lose a few pounds with a healthy diet. She has plenty of energy and loves to go on walks. Bettina is good with other dogs of all sizes, and she showed no animosity towards a cat she lived with for a day. A congenial dog pal (like her foster sibling) may be good to keep her company when her human has to go to the store, etc. Bettina is very even-tempered, but being from the shelter with an unknown history, we don’t know about toddlers.

This is a very special Golden, who will make an exceptional companion and best friend!

Bettina found her new forever home!