Betty and Wilma – Adopted!

Both girls came in to rescue together, but we are unaware of their story. We’re not really sure if they are related, but we’d guess perhaps mother/daughter or sisters.  Either way, they like each other a lot.  We are willing to bet you have never felt fur as soft as on these two girls. It is amazing! They are truly beautiful, loving and even tempered.

Let’s talk about Betty first. She’s the 4 year old, with the black collar in the pictures and is the bigger of the two girls. Betty is always by your side; typical velcro golden.  She loves to lick your hand, get pets, and snuggle up next to you. Betty is a pretty confident girl and doesn’t mind surprises or noises and gets along just fine with the resident small dog in her foster home. She is the more social of the two girls. She is friendly, craves and demands attention.  She has settled well in her foster home and while she is not dominant or protective, she will herd Wilma away from others.

As for Wilma, she is the smaller of the two, 2 years older, and is wearing the blue collar in the pictures. She is more reserved than Betty, and tends to hang in the background a little more. She doesn’t know too many commands, though she will “come here” sometimes. She’s shy, but friendly. She likes to play outside in the yard; and like Betty is just a great friend to the resident little dog in the foster home.  She likes to look out the window, but doesn’t bark at what she sees.    She is a delicate, little golden. Everything is new to her at the moment so she is enjoying exploring and seeing and learning new things. She loves to be brushed, and attention is very nice once she has it, but unlike Betty she won’t require it or seek it out.

Betty and Wilma will play and roll around together, but Wilma has no problem telling Betty once she’s had enough. Both girls need a little more training on basic commands, the leash and potty training.

We are looking for a loving home, more on the quiet side for the girls. If you have kids, they should probably be in their teens; at least calm and laid back.  The girls would enjoy some ball throwing in the yard and a couple of nice walks a day; they are not high energy.