Beyonce – Adopted!

Beyonce is a happy girl and super loving pup. The transition into foster care made her a bit anxious as she is shy and timid initially but once she realized she is safe and loved it did not take her long to come out of her shell. We expect the same sort of transition into her permanent home so are looking for a patient, loving family.

Beyonce is housebroken, quiet, loves her walk and has good leash manners. She came from a home with small children and is great with other dogs but very timid upon meeting them at first. Her new family will have to work on socialization to make her feel confident in these situations. More time at the park and public places will help. She plays with her foster sister and they get along well so we think another dog in the home would be fine, if it is the right one too bossy!

Beyonce hasn’t been swimming or introduced to cats so those are a big unknown. She does know sit and shake and while she does not counter surf she can get vocal at dinner time when she is not part of the family meal. She rides great in the car (her foster mom says ‘like the perfect princess!’) and is not destructive when left alone. She prefers inside to out, and as you can tell by the photos, she literally has couch potato tendencies. Her foster family has had to keep her quiet through her spay recovery but once cleared she will enjoy running and playing. She loves toys and balls and has accumulated quite the collection.