Bindi is:

* fun

* house trained

* easy going, not food or toy aggressive

* smart

* likes people and dogs

* ok on a leash, needs some training

* seems to know sit, maybe shake

* fine with the car

* jumps as a greeting but not a big jumper – needs a little work here 🙂

* likes all kinds of toys – she can carry a large plush in her mouth and then lean over and add a tennis ball in her mouth too! Don’t know how she does that one.

Bindi would be fine in a variety of homes. She likes to wrestle but could be an only dog. It took her six full days to come out of her shell and then she was a brand new dog.

And those eyes and those ears… she’s a cutie. We wonder if she has some collie or sheltie or something in her, based on her size, her nose and her long pants. Whatever, it’s a good combo! Her foster family says she can stay as long as she likes.