Bishop – Adopted!

At 12 years old, Bishop is certainly not the youngest dog on our site, but don’t tell him that as he still acts as if he’s a puppy as he is romping around his yard. We are hopeful an adopter will recognize the love and fun this boy still has to offer and provide him with a wonderful retirement home. Each time we contacted Bishop’s foster mom to see how he is doing, she would reply that he is “perfect”.

Bishop is everything you want in a golden; happy, gets along with everyone he meets, and great house manners. His previous family who had him since he was a puppy turned him in after they downsized to a smaller home and started traveling more. They did not feel they had the time or space he deserved. From what we can tell, this boy really just wants love, some walks, and some treats.

Upon arriving in rescue, Bishop had a lump on his side which we had removed and biopsied. It was found to be cancer free. The poor boy also had to be neutered and have a small growth on his eye lasered off. His teeth are not in great shape, so, for good measure, we also had his teeth x-rayed and found no significant problems requiring teeth extraction. He has some old scarring on one ear that does not seem to cause any pain or troubles. He’s had a full senior blood panel and our vet has found him to be in great health. He came through his surgery like a champ and was jumping up into the car that afternoon.

Bishop is thin. He came to us dehydrated and underweight. We have been giving him special prescription food from the vet’s office to help with his over GI and digestive health. His adopter will want to work with their vet to determine the best food to maintain Bishop’s health. He has gained weight and eats like a champion. Being thin likely helps give him more energy and is better for his joints, but he is fine to gain a few more pounds.

Bishop lives with a cat in his foster home. The cat is not a huge fan of Bishop, but Bishop loves his feline friend. Some gates were put up to give the cat his own space, but Bishop will knock those down to get to his friend. He doesn’t cause any problems, just wants to be near the cat. On walks, Bishop has come across other dogs and does well with them. He will pull on the leash if there is something he wants to inspect or if there is a bunny to be chased, but he is easily redirected. Often on walks, his foster mom will let him off leash as they get near home. Bishop will run to the front door, then run back to see what’s taking his foster so long. He’ll do this a couple of times, clearly showing off his energy and joy for life.

Bishop loves his toys and will often carry one around with him. However, what he carries is often a bit of a rag as he does like to rip apart stuffed toys and balls. He knows what toys are his and does not harm any human items. Really, this boy is wonderful and has been such an easy, handsome, fun guest in his foster home.