Black Jack

Hi there! They call me Black Jack – that was what my former owners called me anyway. I have a handsome shiny black coat with golden undertones, that really shines in the sun.

I am a Golden Mix and with my big webbed feet I really like to swim! From the pictures you can see that I love kids..I played at the park all day with my foster family’s grandkids..passing out doggie kisses and getting neck scratches and belly rubs. I loved getting into the lake too, but “Dad” wouldn’t let me swim out to the middle.

I am a very healthy about 3 y.o. boy, and am housetrained, of course.

Dad here: “Cap’n BJ is a very loving dog, who will be a great only dog to start. We feel that he was likely kept outside in his former life, and not socialized with other dogs. He gets happily excited when he hears and sees kids, and has really latched on to us Foster Parents. He is very smart, and will take well to positive treat-based training, which in a group setting will help him get socialized with other dogs. In a family or pack setting, he has some jealousy issues with his humans paying attention to other dogs. At the vet or the park, other dogs were fine with him. He is truly a diamond in the “ruff ruff”, kind and gentle with small children, and will learn to accept another pet family member in time.”