August 19, 2017

Former adopters of SCGRR Bryce, who they lost to an aggressive cancer last year, are now the new parents of this ‘big-boned’ beauty. Dedicated to her health, a proper diet and exercise are on the top of their list…right after lots of love and cuddles. Happy life Bliss!  

Bliss’ Journey: Bliss came into rescue after her elderly owners were moving into assisted living and needed to re-home her. Lack of exercise and a thyroid imbalance had her weighing in at a hefty 124 lbs when she arrived. After only three weeks in foster care, with proper diet and medication, she lost 15 lbs and is on her way to her ideal weight! Bliss is a calm, loving, and affectionate girl, who enjoys being around her people. We knew she would love another calm and mellow canine companion.