Hi, there! My name is Blue (stage name: BlueRay). My 1 yr birthday was in July. I was surrendered by my original owners so I have a clean history to report.

Unfortunately, my age, size and strength did not gel with their small-child family. OH, I LOVED them..just a bit too much I guess. And they loved me, and cried when I left.. Now, SCGRR is helping me find a family that can handle my ENERGY, ENTHUSIASM FOR LIFE and PLAY, and commit to my BEHAVIOR TRAINING NEEDS.

I steal food from the counter.and shoes too..and I jump on you for hugs..and I love to play-bite your hands and arms..I AM A PUPPY, you know!!! Did I mention I eat tissues when the grownups are turned the other way? I love people and playing with my foster brother Golden. I’m okay around little critters (my foster family has guinea pigs) and will not eat them or jump at them in their cage. I am curious and sniff them when they run around loose. I have lived with cats, too.

I do love small soft toys that make noise, however, I do not yet understand that I can have only MY DOG TOYS, and often steal from my Human Foster Brother, who really doesn’t like that. I love to give kisses, snuggle in bed, and I can settle down at night when the lights go out. I weigh around 65 pounds and am lean and very strong. My foster parents say I don’t know my own size and strength. But, I am potty trained, know basic commands and respond pretty well to: sit, stay, down, no, and roll over.

I still need a good bit of leash training because, boy, am I fast! Attach a skateboard to my harness and I’ll get you wherever you’re going faster than freeway traffic! HANG ON!!! Oh. I dash out the doors, but I will come back to you. For all these reasons, we feel I need these features in my new family: humans home most of the day, dog-experienced, proven training background and positive motivation understanding, big kids that can follow rules of training and participate in it, maybe another playful, well-behaved doggie to show me the way, little critters are OK, a humorous outlook on life in general.

I will be thrilled with whoever adopts me. I promise, in a few days I will settle down.I’m just so excited about new adventures!!!! I just love everyone, and I hope your family will love me FUREVER and continue to support the rescue that helped me and my family: SO CAL GOLDEN RETRIEVER RESCUE.