Meet Bodiah and his new Family!

Meet Bodiah, a gentle giant from our rescue partners in Taiwan. Bodi has moderate energy and enjoys walks but also likes to hang out and relax at your feet. He is obedient, calm, housetrained, has good table manners, and does not counter-surf. He enjoys all sorts of toys and is not destructive, but may pick up a stray stuffed animal or two. He walks well on the leash but may pull a little bit if he seems something of interest. Bodi is good with children, but due to his size, we recommend children over the age of 5. He would like to be the only pet in the household so that he can soak up all your love and attention, but is social with other dogs at the dog park and on dog-friendly hikes. Bodi is a character who growls like Chewbacca when he wants to go outside for a walk and will pick up his leash on the way to the door. Bodi is a sweet dog who just wants to be loved. Because he had a difficult life in Taiwan, he would like to have someone who is home most of the time.

Bodiah found his new forever home!