Bomonti is a 1-year old ‘half-sized’ Golden Retriever mix. He is one very happy and active dog. He weighs 30 pounds and was a very recent rescue from Turkey and is absolutely adorable. He is a good dog, great with people and other dogs. Other dogs are not a problem and he has met several new dogs in the time he’s been here. He is with his foster mom and her sweet lab, Josie and they get along famously. Bomonti is NOT great with cats or birds. He’s not at all aggressive, but he’s intently interested so a home without cats would probably be best. He is very curious of all the critters in his mountain foster home and loves seeing them and chasing them.

He has had no formal obedience training, and he’s not completely housebroken (no need living in the forests of Turkey..), but his foster mom thinks he will be successful at both. At this time, his foster mom makes sure he is let outside often enough that it really isn’t an issue. He doesn’t understand English words (common dog commands), barely responds to his name, but responds very well to a whistle and it always brings him running back.

Bomonti sleeps in a crate at night and is crated when his foster mom leaves the house for short times, as is Josie. He doesn’t mind it if he gets a treat for going inside it! He likes chewies and stuffies but not really big on playing fetch. He should be leashed at all times as he has no ‘recall’, unless it’s a contained area!

He walks well on a leash, doesn’t pull, but he’d prefer to run!! He liked hiking the trails and loves to explore. He is a happy-go-lucky boy and is loving life. Bomonti is not a real enthusiastic eater and likes a little water in his kibble. Likes Fresh Pet (what dog doesn’t!). Likes most treats, piggy ears, etc. He’s been treated and protected for fleas/ticks and heartworm. If you are looking for an active small sized golden and can provide a well secured yard, Bomonti may be the dog for you. Please inquire with his rep at: and tell me how he will fit into your family.

Bomonti’s minimum donation is $1,000.

Bomonti’s ID# 4637