Bones – Adopted!

Hi there! My name is Bones, but you can call me Rocky. My foster parents named me Rocky because I have really had a rocky start in life. If you follow us on Facebook, you’ll know exactly who I am. And, if you’re one of the truly kind folks who donated to help me, I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart because LOOK AT ME NOW!!

I came into rescue quite some time ago. The most wonderful lady called Sheri happened to be in the right place at the right time and she was the first to save my life. I was in a very rough state, I almost didn’t make it, and it sure was rocky there for a while. Next, I went to live in an amazing foster home who nursed me, loved me and treated me so kindly – they too were a big part of saving my young life. They helped me trust and come out of my shell. Boy, I love attention! Pets and hugs and kisses are amazing, and I don’t want them to ever stop!

My amazing Dogtor, Dr Telles at Murrieta Family Pet Hospital is another hero. It was discovered that I have epilepsy. I was losing weight instead of gaining it even though I was eating like a trooper. I was having seizure, and my back legs having wasted to fur and bones were not very strong. Dogtor Telles set to work over the next few weeks and she has it now that I have not had a seizure in 2 months, my ears (I had a staph infection) are completely cleared up and I am now going on two nice walks a day to build muscle in my back legs back up!

Since I have epilepsy I will need to follow the regiment that works and be given two types of tablets per day – the cost is inexpensive, but I will have to have them for the rest of my life so my new family will have to commit to that.

Now onto the great stuff in my new life – I am super, super loving. I am always happy to see you and I expect you to be just the same. I love kids so those would be great in my new home. I take treats nice and gently from them.

I get along great with other dogs and I really like my foster brother, but I want to go to a new home where I am the only dog so no other dogs please. I’m fine with cats.

I like to lay on the couch with you and I absolutely want to sleep on the bed with you. I need two walks a day at least. I do not like to be left alone and this is the only time I’ll bark. I have anxiety that you’re going to leave me and I’ll be alone again so someone needs to be with me the majority of the time. I am a true golden velcro – I will stick to every place you are!

I am great in a car and I travel to work with my foster folks an hour there and an hour back. I’m completely house trained and know to do my business on my walks or in the yard. I do like to chew on a bone so please get me some good ones of those and also cow ears are the best! Have you tried them? Maybe I’ll share one with you.

I walk on a leash perfectly and I will also walk off a leash at your side too. What a great guy I am! I do not chew my fosters things, unless you leave me alone – then I will eat anything laying around.

I don’t dig, I’m not a jumper and as I said I’m not a barker unless left. I am a gentle, kind, sweet soul and I am looking for a home that will offer me the exact same in return. Are you the special ones for me?