Bonny – adopted

Hello! My name is Bonny and I am, they think, about 10 years old. I was dropped off at a shelter and was so scared! Thankfully, SCGRRescue came and saved me and provided me with the medical care I desperately needed. You see, I had a baseball sized mass hanging on my wrist. It was so awkward and it made it so hard for me to do anything. I also had such bad skin with hot spots and really bad teeth. I was a little mess. Once at the vet, I had that nasty tumor removed (which was benign) and all my medical needs tended to which made me feel so much better. Once I was taken care of, I went straight home to a loving foster family to heal, feel safe and be loved. That’s when I really started to feel like myself again.

I keep hearing how sweet, loving, very affectionate and gentle-natured I am. I can be a little nervous at times to new things but adjust very quickly. I am a very loyal and social girl. I just absolutely love my humans and can be quite “Velcro”, as I really just want to be close to them.

I love to play, and I don’t really feel my age, but I don’t have the energy of a puppy either. I can be pretty mellow, but I’m not lazy either. I try to play with my foster Golden sister but she is a senior and she isn’t too interested and ignores me sometimes. When I do get to play, it’s easy for me to settle down and have a medium to low energy level. Nothing has ever made me upset or show aggression since being at my foster’s home. I definitely can be a passive girl and can be very easy going.

I do like other dogs and can be somewhat submissive. The only thing that I can be a little alpha over is another dog wanting to play with my toys or getting near my food. I LOVE toys (and socks!!!) and will try to take them away from other dogs if they have one I want. Luckily, the dogs I have lived with don’t mind me taking the toys from them. So, I guess I can be territorial at times, but not in a mean way. I just like my things. My foster mommy can take my toys away from me easily since I am a gentle girl.

I will do anything for food so it’s best to feed me separate from other dogs while I am eating or I might try to eat their food if I feel like it. I never growl or show aggression toward the other dogs when we are given treats, toys, etc. I am told “no” and sometimes have to be moved back, but it is OK with me. I understand and don’t mind. I am a very fast eater and love to beg but will move away when I am asked to. I do not counter surf or counter sniff and will take food gently from your hands.

I’m afraid of the hose and I’m not sure why. I love my walks and do walk well, but I don’t like walking as much in the dark. I am house-trained by using our doggy door and I do well in cars but still pretty nervous about it. I sleep well on a dog bed in my foster mom’s room and enjoy that. She tried to put me on her bed once and I was a little nervous and didn’t feel very comfortable but I wouldn’t mind trying again if asked. I do know some commands like “sit”, “out” and “no” and I’m not much of a barker either, even when other dogs bark. I’m a good girl so I really don’t need training. 

I enjoy being outside and do okay when left alone during the day; maybe because I have my foster sister with me to keep me company, but if I am honest, I like having people home with me the best.

For my forever home, I think I would like a semi-active to low active home. I don’t need many walks, but I do enjoy a couple a day. I would enjoy most any home but maybe not with very young children. Too much non-stop noise and chaos might make me too nervous. As I mentioned, I would enjoy someone home with me for most of the day. I get lonely when I am alone and love my humans and having company. A home with another dog might be nice, too, as I might feel like playing a little bit (possibly one that wouldn’t mind me taking their toys from them sometimes).

If you have completed an application with our rescue and have had your in-home interview, please write to Kris at and let her know how I could fit in your world.

At 10 years old, the minimum adoption donation for Bonny is $350

Bonny’s ID# 4219