Bono – Adopted!

This sweet boy is named Bono – or Bo Buddy as his foster family calls him.

Bo has had a very difficult time lately. He was dumped at the shelter covered in fleas, mats and mud. His coat was so deeply matted that he was in pain which increased his fear and sadness. It took us 2 hours just to coax him into the car and off to his rescue. Once in rescue we had to sedate and shave 2/3 of him hence the adorable Lion Cut he is now sporting. He was very scared at the vet but he was also very happy to be made more comfortable and finally free of pain.

Bo is a very nice dog and will lick your hands and face. He is mellow and has good house manners. He does his business outside and leaves your things alone. He enjoys chasing a tennis ball and is learning that squeaky toys are fun! He really loves to be brushed too.

Bo likes to go for his twice daily walks and is friendly with other dogs he meets. He is very good on the leash. He is easily spooked however by loud noises or people coming up behind him. He is wary of new things until he knows he will not be hurt or mistreated. He does not enjoy car rides but will get in the back seat if you go slowly and get in with him!

New people coming into the house must be patient and kind towards Bo or he will bark at them. It’s obvious he has been mistreated in his past yet he still tries so hard to be trusting and he really is so sweet with people he knows. He bonds quite easily as long as you are nice and patient with him…it only takes some kind words, petting and about an hour to get to know you.

One of the great things about Bo is that he likes cats! He will play bow to them and is interested in being their friend. He can also be left alone during the day in the house as he will just snooze.