Darth – Adopted!

Meet Darth, born Nov 2014 in Mexico with his 7 siblings. Up to SCGRR they came for vetting and fostering. They are healthy now and ready for their new family to train them to be well-mannered, inside friendly doggies.

Darth’s mom is a Golden. We think dad is a Newfoundland or duck, as Darth LOVES the water. We would really like Darth to have a pool or easy access to the ocean or river or lake. He will find the water to paw at and blow his nose in..expect a mess with this boy! Darth is smart (of course I would say this,) very excited about food (he jumps in the air,) however he will sit (for a second) for his treat, is learning “wait”, but is basically very excited and impatient.

He now accepts his collar, will walk on the leash without biting it and lays down on our car rides. He will bark at you for attention and food. He will bark at his brother and foster sister if they don’t play with him when he is ready. We think it a good idea if Darth have a well-mannered sibling to show him the “right ways” of behaving. His 7 year old Foster Sister has been very good at “putting him in his place” when he does not respect her space, teaching him how to politely greet other dogs and play tug. However, she does allow him to steal the toys and bones…

We’ll not want him home alone as the bigger he grows the more destructive he will become if left to entertain himself, by himself. Thus far, he listens very well and remembers which items are “NO NOs”. They’ve only chewed through one electrical cord and it was unplugged (thank Heavens!)