Boomer – Adopted!


Boomer is a handsome 5 y/o boy that came to us as a stray out of Riverside. He was not chipped, had no collar or I.D. on him, and no one went to the shelter to look for him so we rescued him.

Boomer is a really good boy-he knows sit, down, and stay (mostly, if he doesn’t get distracted.) He could use a little more work on his leash manners but his house manners are excellent-he is completely house trained  and can be left alone at home with no negative or destructive behavior and he has no separation anxiety of any kind.

He loves car rides and will happily go anywhere if it involves a ride. He totally loves everyone he meets- he just loves people! He is besties with his foster dad who takes him in to the office every day with him.

The only one thing Boomer does have is he needs to be your one and only (dog, that is). He REALLY does not care for other dogs and will behave quite defensively towards them if they attempt to come into his house or venture too close to him when out on a walk. He seems fine with cats and had shown no interest in them in a prior home he was in – but dogs-not so much.

Boomer’s new adopter must commit to  training classes. He can be trained to meet and greet new dogs but without training he will not be a good canine citizen.