Boris – Adopted!

Our Boris does everything with gusto. This beautiful flat coated retriever is a real charmer. He is sweet and happy and has a lot of energy. Imagine an adolescent who just does whatever he pleases whenever he wants in his life up until now and that is the challenge with our Boris. He is extremely smart, housebroken from day one, a pleaser that just wants to be with his people…all the time. Boris has made great progress since coming into the SCGRR family. His unfortunate timing of entering rescue around Thanksgiving had him visiting a few temporary foster homes, spreading holiday cheer. He has excellent leash manners and is now exhibiting calmer behavior in the house. He has learned that tables are not to stand on and that you go around the sofa, not over. He has also shown significant improvement with his greetings, trying with all of his might not to jump up to say hello, he just gets so excited!

Boris loves to swim in the pool, play at the beach, go for long walks, romp with pals, and snuggle in for hugs, pets, and lots of love. He is just a goofball and will need an active family to provide the exercise he needs and gentle structure to continue developing good manners. If by chance he had another young dog to play with, great. Boris is great with kids and dogs and even ignores the resident cat.  He is a very sweet pup with a gentle soul. Remember, he is young so still exhibits those destructive puppy behaviors such as chewing and digging (he prefers to call it exploring).

Boris needs a family that will provide him with daily supervision, at least from the start. His calm demeanor (after exercise) makes him a great candidate for a person that could possibly take him to work. He is very smart and attentive so it should not take long for him to learn the ropes. Boris loves to go for rides in the car and has become a constant companion to his foster mom while running errands. He has done very well transitioning to different homes but it also has left him insecure which has translated into a bit of separation anxiety. Once Boris has found his forever home we believe these behaviors will abate; right now he is just unsure of what is around the next turn.