Meet Bosco – Adopted!

Handsome Bosco is 7 1/2 years young and has energy to
spare. He is mostly Golden, with perhaps a little Lab or Shepherd thrown in.

This boy just wants to be your best friend and loyal companion. And he is all that and a bag of chips! Between his beautiful, expressive eyes and his cuddly, fluffy, large physique, he is more-to-love in every way!

Bosco is perfectly potty-trained and leaves human’s possessions alone. In the house or hanging out in the shade outside, he is a quiet, sweet, undemanding dog. When you call him, he comes with enthusiasm. If you walk by him, he more than likely will roll
into the “rub my tummy” position. How could anyone resist that sweet face? Everywhere we go, people start petting him and saying he is adorable.

He is totally fine with all people and well behaved kids over 7 years old. Bosco loves walks, and could use a bit of exercise and a sensible diet to lose a little bit of weight. He does pull on the leash, but is also responsive to correction.

Bosco is fine with other dogs (both big and little) in the home or
at doggie daycamp. He is not food or toy possessive. With my dogs, Bosco doesn’t really play or interact much more than to give a friendly sniff or a kissy lick on the other dog’s nose every once in awhile. But he will follow the my dogs when they run outside to check out some squirrels in the trees.

Bosco is always game for some of that fun action! He would make the perfect companion for another dog that doesn’t like to be left alone. Bosco can be left in the home without destroying or crying. Of course, he would prefer that his humans are around as much as possible, he is such a loving dog.

Bosco sometimes is too overwhelming for other dogs he sees on the street, so we recommend that he be “kept in his own lane” on walks. Continued training for this ‘frustrated greeting syndrome’ is highly recommended. But properly introduced in the home or at doggie daycare, he is great with other dogs. We don’t know about cats, Included in the photos are my dogs with whom he cohabits famously
(from the minute they met).

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