Bowdine and Myra – Adopted!

Say hello to Bodine and Myra. These two are a bonded pair, and will need to stay together, as they have been for their entire lives. While they may love each other, they are very different in personality and demeanor. Bowdine, the male lab, is a big lovable oaf. He came in tipping the scales at 106, and has already lost a good 5 lbs, with maybe another 15 to go, in just over a week. And how has he lost that much weight in so short a time, you might ask? Besides food intake reduction, and lots of walks, the boy is a complete and total ball freak-he LIVES to chase the ball. His foster dad has to hide all the balls when time to stop, and out of his view, because he will try and retrieve his balls if he knows where they are. He also enjoys playing tug of war, but will quickly destroy any dog toys in his playful exuberance. Bowdine is also a velcro dog, following his foster dad everywhere, and has almost taken him out a few times coming down the stairs.