Meet Bowie!

Meet Bowie, a 2-year-old golden/lab mix, according to his old family. They were moving and could not find a rental that would allow them a dog Bowie’s size, so he came to us.

This is what his foster has to say about him:

Bowie is a very curious dog, always up for an adventure and looking out the window to see what is going on. Bowie is quick to make friends, both animal friends, and people friends, although he saves most of his love for his owners, never wanting to leave their side. Bowie is one of the sweetest dogs you will ever meet.

Bowie is very good inside the house. He is potty trained and does not chew or jump on furniture. He loves his chew toys, especially his football. He is very friendly with visitors and enjoys pets anywhere he can get them. He prefers to sleep on the carpet next to his owner’s bed but is also content sleeping in the hallway.

Outside, Bowie can be a bit rambunctious. He needs some leash training, as he pulls strongly on his leash to sniff the next smell or the next dog. He loves the Dog Park, playing very well with other dogs and entertaining himself by running back and forth. He also loves the beach, playing in the sand and jumping in the water.

Bowie has a lot of energy, and it is very important that he lives an active lifestyle daily. He is happiest when he is taken on runs, at the Dog Park, outside at the beach, on car rides (etc.). Bowie will fill your home with so much love and positive energy.

I will add:

Bowie has lived with dogs, cats, and kids, and has been a lover with all. He is trained to use a doggie door and did use a crate when he was a puppy. According to his prior family, he is chill in every way, from his temperament to his behavior in a car, to his reaction to other dogs-always chill. Loves the water and the beach loves energy and adventure. If you have already completed the application process, which includes both your online application as well as an in-home interview, please contact Bowie’s rep at At 2 years of age, the minimum donation for Bowie is $500.