Bowie – Adopted!

Hi my name is Bowie but I actually go by Bruno

I came to SCGRR from my owner of one month who bought me off Craiglist and I’m only 13mos old! My 2nd owner had a toddler & a newborn and my energy was just too much for them to handle.

I have been enjoying my time with my foster family who is also my representative so she will find me the best home ever!  I had a rough start as my previous owners said I barked a lot, didn’t like surprises, had stranger danger tendencies and was toy aggressive.  My foster family says they don’t see that. I have a 12yo golden brother, a 14 yo Shiba/Lab sister (whom I am very afraid of cause she tells me off when I am annoying her) and a 1.5 yo golden sister.  They haven’t heard me barking non-stop although I do whine when they leave the house for work but I have my fur sister to keep me occupied and we play in the yard like crazy pups for hours. I’m not toy aggressive but if Holly takes a toy, I run after her and steal it back.  I am a tall, lanky boy so I might play rough but I promise you that I am sweet, loving, loyal and a cuddle bug. 

Remember! I am just a kid so I am full of energy and love having other dogs to play with!! I love going on walks and walk well with a harness.  I do pull a bit and when my foster mom yells at me I walk back to her and lean on her leg until she rubs my ears. Did I mention I am obsessed with tennis balls and any type of ball.  I can play ball ALL DAY and through to 10 pm! Did I also mention I love car rides?

What I would love from a forever family:

  1. A family that understands that I am a puppy and will need training
  2. A family that has someone at home most of the time or takes me with them on car rides
  3. A family that has another young dog that I can play with & also help with my separation anxiety
  4. A large yard because I have a lot of energy & lots of walks
  5. A family that allows me to sleep with them, hang out with them and be a family member
  6. A family that is active and can take me for daily walks, runs and hikes