Brad Pitt – Adopted!

This is Brad, who is 11 months old. Brad is, as you can see, a very beautiful boy, who is going to get a LOT of attention on the website (just a heads up, here)

Brad is a little sweetheart of a boy, who loves being around his people. He is very playful, friendly, and loving, and while he is a a pretty mellow dog much of the time, particularly for his age, he does definitely get the puppy crazies periodiacally-running in circles chasing his tail, chewing up some of his foster families’ belongings (he especially likes flip-flops and socks), just generally acting, well, like a puppy. He does not like being left alone,nor does he like to be crated, and can be a little stubborn sometimes when he does’t care to do something, by lying down or sitting.