Meet Bradford and his new Family!

This adorable Flat Coated Retriever (a black Golden!) is Bradford. He is a sweet young dog that found himself at the pound. We cannot imagine why because he is a wonderful dog, mild tempered, playful, good with other dogs, ignores the cat and loves to cuddle in your lap.

Bradford settled down quickly in his foster home where he lives with another large dog, a cat and a bird. He enjoys playing with his foster sister, has learned to retrieve and is very good on his leash. He is not afraid of anything, was gentle with the neighbor children and even brought in the paper one day! He is still puppy-like and can be a little mouthy. He will chew (shoes and socks are his favorite!) but so far he has not chewed any furniture. Bradford deserves a wonderful home where he will be loved and cherished. He likes to be brushed and his coat is beautiful.

Bradford found his new forever home!